Sunday, July 23, 2006

modern questions (or questions of all times)?

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what is it that makes us happy? what defines happiness? is that a relative term, something that we only symbolize? when do we start searching for these answers? after a catastrophic life event?

why do we feel the way we feel and why do we associate moments with objects or music?

have you "made it!" in your life and if you have, could you tell me what is it that, now previously accomplished?

computers, cell phones, motorcyles, sports cars, fuel efficents, show offs and echo friendlies, do they define ourselves or do we dream of becoming a representer of our purchases? if they do, does that really matter or are we still the same person inside? who are the representers? are they an illusion?

how much of what we want is what we really need?

have you felt like your very own thoughts, your reactions to daily life situations were preplanned by someone else way before you even face them?

do having the latest, improved and greatest of the moment, makes us somehow superior or a strong current pulls us right into deeper side of a wild river where we can't have control anymore?

who are you?

are you an expert in some specialized webforum? what is it about? Is it about car parts, programming languages, farm life, medical research, politics, religion, art, finance, sports? Do any of those make you a better person, or more importantly particapating in any of them making us a better society?

why do we postpone life? is it because we are so busy with our work, because we are so tired or our habits don't open room for new ones?

do you feel responsible for other peoples lives? who are they? what relates you to those people who you more care then others about? is it your past, your religion, your land, your ideology, your interests? is it about money or what you have been told?

do you read? how do you pick what you read? do justice exist? is justice just a JUST STATE as plato explains? have we got too big and crowded for just state? what happened since edward burneys?

i can't find the answers and even if i manage to understand one day, i certainly am not articulate enough to explain them to anyone else and does that really matter?


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Anonymous jennifer said...

maybe this book will answer all those questions.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 2:04:00 PM  
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