Tuesday, August 02, 2005

memory by association

when i was a kid i had tape recorded from a san diego radio station which very much sounded like b-u-100. i may be wrong (commenter correctionssss please).
it was a hobby of mine watching and listening media from other countries even thought i didn't understand much. this hour or longer tape was armored with phil collins, some carpet store commercial, huey lewis & the news, human league, sAme carpet commercial, dire straights... you got the idea. it felt very much like today's star100 (the worst radio jingles ever!) only NOT directed by jerr, jack, jaret, jeff, biff cake or anyone else whose names starts with "j". how many times can you play desree, ace of base, rob thomas etc. people!

anyway i got sidetracked again. back to that 80's tapes from b-u-100. i had 60 or 90 minutes music, minus the commercials time, from san diego and it was nothing like what we thought was popular in u.s. of good a.

roughly at the same time in europe sandra, falco, a song named "avis avis", that was a song not rental car advertisement, wham and duran duran were popular. the very first cd i bought was also phil collins' "but seriously". any coincidence??? (i have never thought of it that way before. damn tape!) of course some of the songs in this tape remain unknown to me and probably some of them still is. last saturday as vh1 classics was keeping the noise level right above death silence at the background, i heard one of the songs from b-u-100 tape. (naa naaah na nah , oo vow wov). now i won't lie to you guys. i didn't know who these cheesy looking guys were but the song had memory by association (wouldn't this be a cool band name or what!) but this time i was going to be able to see the name of the God damn band at the end of the video and save myself from another embarresment in popular culture.
no it wasn't really like that! it was like finding your missing child or parent after some two digit years. no it really wasn't like that either! some of you might know it was the pleasure of that indefinable moment when you find a song that you heard, liked, wondered, whistled about for looooooooooooong ass time...

yes, it was "hall & oates" and the song was "out of touch". i went back to my office, pull my screen out of it's break, fire up another search on soulseek and BAM! downloaded "the essentials" album. started a "hall & oates fest" in the living room until everyone in the house said something about the band. my sister also remembered the b-u-100 tape and this song. her husband remembered how old these guys were, when his mom saw them in a gig. finally my wife said enough with the damn bad! so weeee went back to listening "madness"


Anonymous Yo MOMMA SAID KNOCK U OUT said...


Tuesday, August 02, 2005 10:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Pat's Rad Mix said...

I do believe "out of touch" is track number 5 or 6 on Pat's Rad Mix ...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005 2:53:00 PM  
Blogger PimpPia said...

i simply love your blogs..why dont you add spice on my posts?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005 10:23:00 PM  

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