Sunday, July 23, 2006

modern questions (or questions of all times)?

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what is it that makes us happy? what defines happiness? is that a relative term, something that we only symbolize? when do we start searching for these answers? after a catastrophic life event?

why do we feel the way we feel and why do we associate moments with objects or music?

have you "made it!" in your life and if you have, could you tell me what is it that, now previously accomplished?

computers, cell phones, motorcyles, sports cars, fuel efficents, show offs and echo friendlies, do they define ourselves or do we dream of becoming a representer of our purchases? if they do, does that really matter or are we still the same person inside? who are the representers? are they an illusion?

how much of what we want is what we really need?

have you felt like your very own thoughts, your reactions to daily life situations were preplanned by someone else way before you even face them?

do having the latest, improved and greatest of the moment, makes us somehow superior or a strong current pulls us right into deeper side of a wild river where we can't have control anymore?

who are you?

are you an expert in some specialized webforum? what is it about? Is it about car parts, programming languages, farm life, medical research, politics, religion, art, finance, sports? Do any of those make you a better person, or more importantly particapating in any of them making us a better society?

why do we postpone life? is it because we are so busy with our work, because we are so tired or our habits don't open room for new ones?

do you feel responsible for other peoples lives? who are they? what relates you to those people who you more care then others about? is it your past, your religion, your land, your ideology, your interests? is it about money or what you have been told?

do you read? how do you pick what you read? do justice exist? is justice just a JUST STATE as plato explains? have we got too big and crowded for just state? what happened since edward burneys?

i can't find the answers and even if i manage to understand one day, i certainly am not articulate enough to explain them to anyone else and does that really matter?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Postal Calculations

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After some tinkering and help from one my compadres answer was found on this interesting Chicago based site called: to an earlier curious question of mine here. The rates are agreed upon and rules are created by the members of this organization: Universal Postal Union. Their website has .int extention for international. Cost of a simple international mail may require very complex calculations depending on destination, originator country and stops enroute.
Simpliest methods of charges is explain on as:
So in 1969 the UPU decided on a new system. If we sent India 100,000 kilograms of mail per year and they sent us 80,000, we'd pay them a fee for the 20,000 kilogram difference. These fees were called terminal dues.
You wanna know more???
You must have way too much spare time or messed up your priorities like your truly.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Predictions in marriage

This conversation will take place tonight at our place between my wife and me in front of live audience:

-I made myself invited to desert next weekend where Derin & Damon will camp. Would you like to come with me?

-Why didn't you tell me this before? You always tell me at the last second.

-Because I've just learned about it and it isn't last second. It is next weekend. If I knew it before, I would have told you earlier.

-What will you guys do there?

-I don't know. I have never gone to one of these things. We'll probably drink and sleep.

-Why can't you do that here?

-Because if you do that home you are relaxing, if you do it away with other people you are socilizing and as a person who is against this so called society , I should learn what my enemies are doing. So don't think of it as fun time, think of it as work time. You don't like sand , do you?

-Nah, you go ahead but don't forget you are a married man.

Dune buggy society here I come.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Secret Postal Societies

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I get easily distracted then find myself miles away on highways of thought from my original intentions. During one of these thought hoppings, I began to wonder about Postal Services. Some might say, "I have too much spare time". The truth is I don't have enough time to accomplish anything , because I screwed up my priority list sometime between middle and high school. As a result I had patiently waited our Mr. Postman to ask this question:
Say you are sending a package to Germany and it costs $40. You fork it over the counter , USPS takes your package and slide it through one of their brown blinds and Oompa Loompas welcome your package in the background do what they do away from curious eyes of rest of the society. German Postal Service or Deutsche Post receives , sorts and do whatever is before delivering your package to it's final destination. Recipient signs a piece of paper and that's it. Package delivered.

What's wrong in this picture?

As a consumer , by sending your package you generate work at both USPS and DP. However you pay only USPS.
Do USPS give a cut to DP? This wouldn't be necessary if we were talking about Fedex (see black listed companies) or UPS as they handle shipping and receiving end on their own. This method would require great communication and accounting skills. How could a institution do all these complicated things on it's own unless both USPS and DP are part of some sort secret society where they don't have to keep track of such things or keep track for different reasons?
By the second I finished asking my question, Mr. Postman replied without even thinking "You know, I have never thought of it before. That's an interesting question".
Maybe it's just simple, USPS keeps the money here and when Germans ship something DP keeps the money there. That's all. I don't know. What do you, one of the rare people who visits this blog, think?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Job seek

Since first week of July, my wife has been searching for a job as she had her cut from recent lay-offs trend. Writing/modifying her resume for each application, keeping track of them, incoming emails, voice mails, print outs, replying to emails, adding the ads to favorites as future references, people we know who can help her finding a job, people we know who knows somebody that can help her finding a job, categorizing jobs like:

  • Jobs, she doesn't give a rat's ass
  • Jobs, she can take it or leave it
  • Jobs, she feels like , it is the last job on earth. she can't let that slip away between her fingers.
  • Odd jobs, that she would like to give it a try
  • Cute jobs, she would loved to do, but only pays $5.00 per hour.

Over time this process gets fucking confusing and paper extensive. If you are about to go through this, first, you better open up an arm long space in your filing cabinet or like we did, you can use your floor for your resumes & tps reports and your cats as paper weights (hello tigger & hello baseball :-).

Today she decided to apply for an odd job. My favorite one was psycologist receptionist, her's wasn't.
After a little "i said, you said" game:

I said: “Use this word”
She said: “What? Qualifications? Abilities? Organizations? System?”
I said: ‘NO!, you sound so formal – has it worked yet for you?”
She said: “This is what you are suppose to say!”
I said: “Well? Is it working for you?!”
She said: “Sorry. After 2 months of job searching, my ass is so tight I could crack an egg in it.”

Finally she sent her resume with a different cover letter against all teachings she has been through with well known hiring consulting company. Let's see, what happens next!

Dear Sir,
When I came across your posting for a Personal Assistant listed on, I said to myself "I am that job". Knowing your time is valuable, I’ll keep this cover letter short and to the point.
For 14 years, I have a solid reputation of streamlining chaotic systems. I have applied these attributes to corporations; however, I have never worked for just one person. As I continue to job seek and fret a mundane cubicle life, your ad is appealing and refreshing to me.
To review all the formalities, my resume is attached.

For those who are interested,there is a building called INITECH @ Encinitas.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

memory by association

when i was a kid i had tape recorded from a san diego radio station which very much sounded like b-u-100. i may be wrong (commenter correctionssss please).
it was a hobby of mine watching and listening media from other countries even thought i didn't understand much. this hour or longer tape was armored with phil collins, some carpet store commercial, huey lewis & the news, human league, sAme carpet commercial, dire straights... you got the idea. it felt very much like today's star100 (the worst radio jingles ever!) only NOT directed by jerr, jack, jaret, jeff, biff cake or anyone else whose names starts with "j". how many times can you play desree, ace of base, rob thomas etc. people!

anyway i got sidetracked again. back to that 80's tapes from b-u-100. i had 60 or 90 minutes music, minus the commercials time, from san diego and it was nothing like what we thought was popular in u.s. of good a.

roughly at the same time in europe sandra, falco, a song named "avis avis", that was a song not rental car advertisement, wham and duran duran were popular. the very first cd i bought was also phil collins' "but seriously". any coincidence??? (i have never thought of it that way before. damn tape!) of course some of the songs in this tape remain unknown to me and probably some of them still is. last saturday as vh1 classics was keeping the noise level right above death silence at the background, i heard one of the songs from b-u-100 tape. (naa naaah na nah , oo vow wov). now i won't lie to you guys. i didn't know who these cheesy looking guys were but the song had memory by association (wouldn't this be a cool band name or what!) but this time i was going to be able to see the name of the God damn band at the end of the video and save myself from another embarresment in popular culture.
no it wasn't really like that! it was like finding your missing child or parent after some two digit years. no it really wasn't like that either! some of you might know it was the pleasure of that indefinable moment when you find a song that you heard, liked, wondered, whistled about for looooooooooooong ass time...

yes, it was "hall & oates" and the song was "out of touch". i went back to my office, pull my screen out of it's break, fire up another search on soulseek and BAM! downloaded "the essentials" album. started a "hall & oates fest" in the living room until everyone in the house said something about the band. my sister also remembered the b-u-100 tape and this song. her husband remembered how old these guys were, when his mom saw them in a gig. finally my wife said enough with the damn bad! so weeee went back to listening "madness"

Thursday, July 21, 2005

blogging without knowing

war of the worlds
just saw more fragments of new spielberg movie and boyyyy wasn't that something???

what is the point of carrying a shoebox while the world is coming to an end? what could be in it anyway? hey i will die soon, so here are my lifelong memories compressed in a box along with a cork from a wine bottle that i had opened before i lost my virginity. here is a picture of me from springbreak 92 and another picture of me during last year's scientology conference...
how about being able startup tom's car when no other car on planet earth (literally) is working! man i bet i could find a dozen of hollywood mistakes if i just watch the movie.
but nah, i will gladly passsssss this one and save 2 days worth of lunch money. however you shouldn't listen to me or at least should also know this guy, who is in peace with himself and society, recommends otherwise...

when i come back, i'll complain about blogging and my own blog

ball game

today i've learned that before you play baseball, football, basketball any game related to balls, you have to get someone to play with your two balls. (wow) i have never had physical before in my life people. so this is something that rose at least two questions in my counterclock working mind:
  • what if you don't have a biiiatch to play with your balls and before the pyhsical hence you have the blue balls???? what is the etiquet here? do you unload before hands? do you unload with your own hands? ( you go on until you hit the comfort of your own sexuality)
  • what if the doctor is not a woman???
  • what if the doctor is woman?
  • after she slaps your balls, do you bitchslap her?